Buyer Testimonials

Michael helped us navigate through not only our first home purchase, but it was one where everything that could have gone wrong, did.
Aggressive seller, slothful loan agent, and subordinate funding snags, but he mad us feel confident about each decision.

Michael is also a wealth of information in all aspects of the process, our escrow staff even remarked how nice it is for an agent to be so knowledgeable of the loan/Funding process as it makes things much easier for all involved.

Thank you Michael!
– cesario brian

Being first-time homebuyers, we initially didn’t know what we wanted or needed from our future house. It took us quite a few homes to figure out our must-haves. In the process of fine-tuning our preferences, Michael was very patient and respectful. He was never pushy and never tried to convince us that a home that we weren’t sure of was right for us. We really got the sense that he cared more about helping us find the right fit above making a quick sale. We would text and call him at random times throughout the day and he would consistently make himself immediately available and all the while, never made us feel that we were inconveniencing him. Anytime we had a question or concern and if he didn’t know the answer, he would make sure to get back to us in a timely manner. Even after the sale was made, he still went out of his way to make sure that everything went without a hitch. He called an inspection company on our behalf to place a complaint for a suboptimal job by one of their employees (they fixed the problem). He set us up with an excellent lender who helped us get the most competitive rate at that time. He got us a capable and talented handyman to do our renovations, with which we are extremely happy.
Michael clearly has excellent work ethic and holds himself to a high standard. This shows in the way he goes above and beyond for his clients. We wholeheartedly recommend his services and look forward to referring our friends and family to him.
– bigearn

Michael has provided excellent services on two fronts. One, he helped me negotiate the terms and conditions of my current residence, which is a lease agreement. His swift response and delivery of pertinent information made it easy to contact, obtain and finalize the deal. Two, Michael also helped me find a beautiful home that I use as income property. Michael knows how to take the initiative to get things done in a timely manner. His response to phone calls, text messages and emails are bar none. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism reigns supreme. With Michaels due diligence and hard work, I have officially added him to my very short list of people I consider worthy and important. When it comes to Real Estate Professionals, Michael Mucino is the ONLY person I trust.
– art nelsonacq

My wife and I had been in a search for what we felt was the right house for us to make it our home. What made it more difficult was that I am a vet and we were looking for a VA sale. We can say nothing less than Michael was the best. He provided us a link to only the properties that matched our criteria and never once gave us anything less than his total professional manner throughout our search as well as walking us through the closing process. Michael made himself available whenever we had a question and was genuinely concerned for our welfare throughout the process. We can give no higher rating of Michael than to say we will be using him as our agent again. Thanks Michael for all that you have and.all that you do..
– user2052732

Working with Mr. Mucino was awesome. He was relentless in helping me buy a home. He made me feel like finding me a home was his number 1 priority working countless hours and getting the job done swiftly. My home closed in 2 weeks!!!!!!. I didn’t know that was even possible! Thank you Mike
– gabymichael04

We couldn’t have been happier with Michael when we bought our home. He put in a lot of effort and we seemed to always be a priority. He spent endless hours showing us listings and staying on top of everything. He was always punctual and we felt like we could really trust his judgement. We were very happy with our home and owe it all to Michael.
– ben davies13

After a messy divorce and bankruptcy, Michael was there to get me back into the realestate market. I told him what I was looking for. He provided me access to search engines to assist me with finding my dream home. At no time did he rush or push any properties. A true professional, Michael was there every step of the way. Ultimately I found my house and Michael assisted me through the short sale process. Many brokers will shy away from short sales as they require a lot of time and effort. Not Michael he was in constant contact with the bank and the selling agent. Michael also assted in cordinating the bank, the lender and escrow. He answered any questions I had. Even after the sale of my house, Michael is still there for me and answers any questions I may have. I highly recommend Michael and will use him again for any further realestate ventures..
– user9831818

As a first time home buyer I had a LOT of questions and I was also very picky. Michael was always ready with answers, always prompt in his replies and always very courteous.

He was also very patient. He never tried to push us into buying something we were not keen on.

And this was not just till escrow closed. He was just as helpful after we closed the sale.

I wholeheartedly recommend Michael’s services.
– apurohit

My husband and I had a terrific experience with Michael! He was very knowledgeable about the WHOLE process and was always willing to answer any question/concern we had. In March 2012, we found a house in Rialto, CA that was a short sale… we had the keys by June. For a short sale, the process went very quickly and smoothly. I like to think Michael had a lot to do with that. He kept on top of the bank that was dealing with the short sale and kept in constant touch with the seller’s agent. I always felt confident that things were getting taken care of, I knew he would handle it all and he did. He got back to my emails/phone calls very quickly which was very important to me. I didn’t want an agent that was hard to get ahold of (the home buying process is frustrating enough!). Besides being great professionally to work with, Michael was a lot of fun to be around. He kept the process as stress-free as possible for us and always eleviated any concerns we had. My husband and I went into this process knowing very little but, with the help of Michael, I now feel very comfortable with the whole process. Especially since we bought a short sale, we were very worried about the length of time closing would take but it was all pleasantly easy and quick. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Michael to anyone 🙂
– sheenapie